Police Reports!

So I asked you to aid me with my work to gather police reports. And I’ve got plenty of hepl.

This is so valuble cause I’m gettin closer for every police report that has come in. Getting all these stats together has proven good for my further work with making a timeline of the clowns. Cause these clowns are not just simple robbers, they are up to something else, sometingh biggest. I do not know exactly. But apparently they’ve been around town for a while, and even around the continent. Hard for me to exactly pin point who they are, where they come from. But they’re not just americans, that I know.

So there’s a real mixx of diffrent talents in that gang. But Mr. America seems to be the leader,but I wonder if he’s the oen who’s real in charge. So anyways, the police reports have been so great, and some of them really stand out a bit more than other, liek: officer Terwynd and D.I. Why Big thanks for you aid when it comes to unveiling the truth. We apprichiate support to our cause it can’t be easy to share this with us. Also, I recommend you to move within the next three moths I would hate if soemthing were to happen to you.

But I sorry to say that I think we have a leak they seams to have found out about our endevours see for your self: https://www.twitch.tv/starbreeze.

I can guarantee you that right now, you are all recorded. Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Officer Terwynd’s report: https://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/8/3211505894148281434/?ctp=22#c1696045708638615524

Officer D.I. Why report: https://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/8/3211505894148281434/?ctp=11#c3211505894149108457

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  • R4ND0MK3nNy says:

    What if tomorrow was your last day on this planet?

  • Anonymoose says:

    The rabbit hole goes deeper!

  • Jamison Hoxforth says:

    This is so deep Skeptic. Also any more info on Mr. America and Garret?

  • Garrett_is_MrAmerica says:

    How can they do all this without getting caught? Garrett has to be working with the clowns i’m SURE of it! They must have a whole team of cops dedicated to organize these robberies!

    You’re close SkepticGuy_96, keep going and be safe!

  • Lord_Rhodoxer says:

    This is real intresting!

  • That nobody noticed the explosives on the doors, that they didn’t go off, and that the reports state that we already know the name of one of the members of the Payday Gang all don’t add up to me.

    For one, if the police know August’s name, as that police report states, how is he able to get around? Why isn’t it public knowledge? How isn’t he arrested whenever he’s travelling to somewhere? They can’t have gotten a tinted windowed van onto the roof of the FBI building.

    Secondly, I think the reason nobody saw the explosives is because they knew that they wouldn’t go off. I think the FBI is working with the Payday gang, putting “expendable” workers in the camera rooms, and using those fake explosives to give them the excuse to say “No, we’re clearly not working with the Payday gang, look at the danger they pose”. Scapegoats.


    Who is this America guy? ill be damned, i hope this mans just stop this shit.

  • Stay safe skeptic, peple go missing becus of stuff like this

  • This is some complex stuff – maybe the clowns are connected to the Payday gang in the police reports?? Stay safe

  • If you ever set yourself on fire you’d run very fast too. Trust me.

  • Good job Skeptic but what is the thing they stole from the evidence locker? I’m sure it would answer some deep questions.

  • Hey man, are you okay? this whole thing is pretty fuckin fishy and you seem extremely vulnerable

  • holy :b:rap this is freaking insane