Garrett on tape!!

So you rember the video feed where I gots to see Garrett on the phone with the clowns sneaking around? I’ve been working a bit more with that and yesterday I hid in my car outside the FBI HQ, waiting for Garrett. So I followed him around and ended up in this suburbs. He stoped under a bridge and seamd to be waiting for someone, I managed to sneak up close and hide in the bushes. I had left my car and followed the last bit hieding the bushes and trust me when I tell you taht my heat was pounding like crazy.

This is for reals now, I can get shot. Or something. But I can not stand by idleing like a fool if something is wrong in the world. And there’s plenty of shit wrong, I can promise you that…nothing is what it seems. Everything is corruption and our reality is all twisted!

So like Garrett was obviously trying to meet up with someone but I couldn’t really see, but I guess the guy didn’t show up, so he called instead! Luckely, I had brought my recording equip so I got some audio. And I tell you, this is some mindblowing stuff1!! In it Garrett talks about Bain like some of the believers on my website have talked about, but I need to dig deeper to know who or what that really is. The phone call was super short and I think Garrett almost saw me, or at least liek I think so, so I got the hell out of there and just got back to my car and hopefully nobody saw me.

I can feel it in my body that I’m getting closer, shit is getting real. So, Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected.

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  • Genocider Syo says:

    Neat, getting close

  • SoundShocker says:

    holy moley thats some intense sh*t right there. you gotta be careful

  • Eddie Bingo says:

    I like his ringtone

  • CanidMarksman says:

    Careful, friend. If Garrett did in fact see you, you’ll have the whole FBI and DHS hunting you now. And Homeland Surveillance has some crazy Delta Force domestic response special forces units they’ve used on the Clowns before.

  • Friendship is medic bags says:

    Question: Are you aware of this magical thing called spell check?

  • Man, this is bigger than you. Bigger than all of us. You think you can get so close to the sun and not get burned? Think again. Though now I’m wondering how soon you’ll disappear too.

  • Just make sure to not do anything too risky that you end up getting killed. Don’t lose your head – we need you.

  • Kurious_Kat says:

    Dang dude like this is some messed up stuff! I wonder what box he’s talking about. But who’s Mr Simmons? Like Senator Simmons? How high does all this go?

  • 88ingIdentitaire says:

    We can tell from your grammar that these run-ins are really shaking you up, but you’re doin’ god’s work out there. I once again posit the idea of joining the clown gangers. If not for personal gain and discovery, then to oppose Garrett’s corruption and that of the Fed as a whole. It’s obvious that Garrett and these robbers have some beef, maybe learning more and recruiting them to your views may get you closer to your goal of the greater good.

  • i feel like we’re all gonna end up on an fbi watchlist just for listening to this…

  • Better ditch that car, he’s with the FBI and can surely track it

  • staryoshi06 says:

    Holy crap dude! This is some serious intel!

    What do you think this ‘box’ is that he’s talking about?

  • TheVoiceOfReason says:

    You’re playing with fire and you will get burned.

  • DUDE, THIS IS BIG! I cant make out some of what he’s saying tho’… something like miss/mister simmers, or simons… any idea who this person is? Has anyone, like… BIG been arrested recently? A dangerous criminal, a politician, actor, ect? ALSO, it sounds like garret REALLY wants this Bain dude. Either to protect or arrest… either/or. I’m goin’ to do a little research myself.

    Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’! <3

  • How have they not deleted this site yet?

  • El_Dimonio says:


  • GOD DAMN! Continue in the same spirit, SkepticGuy.
    But be careful.

  • Bain is the key in all of this

  • Pea$eMaker says:

    You are getting close to it SkepticGuy, keep it up and stay safe.

  • mrmeme1244 says:

    what the hell? thats super weird dude lmao. stay safe bro

  • PDVKISREAL says:

    Nice work bro, waiting for more secret stuff about Garrett

  • Back out while you still can kid, you’ve stumbled into something that is way bigger then you could of ever imagined and none of this is worth getting killed for.

  • ThatdudefromWashingtonDC says:

    wow, this is getting deep ! And why are they are talking about Bain ?

  • I’ll say it again. Do not risk yourself like that, pal. Get something to defend yourself. I’ve seen some good tutorials in the internet on how to build Electrical Brass Knuckles. They ain’t even close to enough, but will do the job if you get caught. I’ve seen these working, and even the biggest guy will dance when touched by these things.

  • iheartrainbows44 says:

    Nice ringtone Mr. Garrett.

  • TheEnigmaMachine says:

    Further down the rabbit hole you tumble… but will you ever see the light again?

  • GetTheThermalDrill48 says:

    Dude, don’t you think those fbi guys know what u r doin? What if they’ll catch u or something, this will be worse than meeting those masked terminators. Btw nice work, I hope fbi will not show up, and u will end this secret, dude!!!1!

  • not_the_PDGang says:

    Dude it’s more important that nothing happens to you it would be a shame if something were to happen to this site.

  • MoreThanMeetsTheEye says:

    Holy shit! Be careful dude! You’re right when you say you could get shot. A senator was arrested very recently in a newspaper I read. Garrett was speaking as if he was behind that!


  • Is this not a trap?! Are you still there? If yes, RUN, no good can come for this…

  • Miss Ebola says:

    This is getting more exciting~

  • you’re gonna go down in the history books as a hero

  • The_67guyman says:

    This is even more fake than the moonlanding. XD

  • BreakinBenny says:

    You’ll need to be careful if Garrett decides to go after you, he might consider interrogating you man.

  • Dude, you got too close for comfort there. Be careful, exposing all of this isn’t worth your life. It’s better to reveal smaller secrets over a long period of time and piece it together than to die trying to get a big one out.

    Stay safe.

  • This is juicy stuff.

  • FOUNDER_SSBanks says:

    Yo what was that ringtone or..?

  • FrIeNdLyGuY says:

    dude , this is becoming way too dangerous for you , whoever was on the other end of that call may find your webpage , and if that happen you will probably get abducted or something , you need to back off NOW , or else i fear you may not be around anymore soon.

  • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

    Seems like Garrett is going after a box?
    And Bain? From all the information, Bain is or was behind the Payday Gang, if he is or was their mastermind, then the question is: Who’s leading them now? Mr.America, or maybe somebody who was a friend of Bain?

  • holy shiiiit this is getting too real for me, man if i could get that microgun from yesterday’s post id feel atleast a tiny bit safer from those govt goons, anyway i hope you’re alrigth dude, if any of those feds or the clowns find out about this youre in deep trouble, best of luck

    stay vigilant and stay protected my dude

  • ♠BlakeTheGambler♠ says:

    this information is big, Skeptic. if your not familiar with bain, hes the face of payday, the puppetmaster you could say. gives the gang all the information for their heists. rumors were going around that he died during a alliance with the resevoir dogs, but nobody knows if this is true. Skeptic, the real way to know the answer is to find the morgue files and find anything that can correlate with bain. best of luck

  • Iwantobelieve says:

    The box? I mean… What box?

  • Thanatos Primus says:

    You have come too far

  • If Garrett yells like that in the open, he should have been caught. At least by someone other than you. How many people does this guy have bought out to do his dirty work?