Wheelchair guy!

So in the papers today there was talks about a breakin, where someone robbed the weapons manufacturer up statef. Its just outside of town and appearantly there was some security footage recorded and now the news papers and police together are asking for information about someone in a wheelchair.

On the tapes some guy in a wheelchair is seen (but of course they don’t release that foot age so who the fuck knows right?). I don’t care that much about that, cause like alot of people sit in wheelchairs, but what my sources have told me d is that this guy have been seen out in the same industrial areas that the clown.

Maybe it all fits together? Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!!

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  • Yes_Cruelty says:

    If you find him you will most likely find the clowns. The hospitals must have some records of him if he’s in a wheelchair if you can, look into that

  • Dude, how can you not see what’s going on here? Police asks about the dude in the wheelchair after this weapons peeps place got robbed. And he’s been seen WITH the clowns? He’s obviously the one arming them, or at least selling to them!

  • The_Friend says:

    You are overstepping here, leave it be.

  • Try searching for gundealers, they might know

  • i guess his vacation is over

  • Wondering, who it can be?

  • MEMELORD_1337 says:

    Man, i just hope you will be okay, because this shit is fuck up

  • you should check on murky waters. very sus and not much is known

  • Someone messed with black market weapon dealer?
    Or someone on a wheelchair robbed something?

    I don’t get it -_-“

  • Wow, I wonder how deep is this “clown” thing. Be careful, pal.

  • goodguy123 says:

    WHAT??? That’s crazy!!! You should be careful tho… STAY SAFE!!!

  • A friend of a friend told me once that theres a wheelchair guy that the feds pick up for weapons charges once in a wild. but he keeps getting out? I smell conspiracy! he must be working with the govt, and if the clowns are too i bet he works with them!!

  • TheOtterFloof says:

    This is going in deep! The clowns may have a new arsenal! Some big shooting is going to happen, stay safe!

  • That’s the guy, fuck.

  • oofouchmybones says:

    An arms dealer in a wheelchair? Can’t be too hard to narrow down, right? Who knows what crazy things he’s got in his inventory. Stay safe, brother

  • Keep us up-to-date!

  • Zensekai the Spy says:

    Weapons stolen? Any idea what those weapons were?

  • Watch out, buddy. Don’t get too deep, you may regret it. Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe, and Trust No one.

  • stay safe, man

  • TheTerminator says:

    Damn, that’s scary, yo.

  • danny_devito_42 says:

    Really? A guy in a wheelchair robbing a weapons manufacturer? Sounds farfetched

  • that’s my guy

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The government are try to deceive us once again.

  • COOKIECUTTER69 says:

    Wonder what’s gonna happen next? New toys for those clowns, more bloodshed and body pile for the gov.

  • Dude, you have to stay alert if you see a guy in a wheelchair that wants a smoke then he will shoot you

  • DaysB4Rodeo says:

    You’re too deep now… you might as well grab your piece, put on a clown mask and join them.

    Haven’t you ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood? But like… the global conspiracy version?

    It already feels like you’re too close the nest, why not get your place while you can?

  • GunsmithNoob says:

    Yeah that wheelchair guy is definitely a reptilian spy sent to arm the new order army . Wake up sheeple,the clowns are next gen supersoldiers! I’ve seen footage of the patriotic mask one getting shot to shred,screaming for a medic first aid then getting back up like nothing happened once the blonde wig guy screamed at him to get the fuck up. Supersoldiers i say,and no one will make me change my mind!

  • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

    It might be that the wheelchair guy is working with these clowns of yours.

    I don’t know whether you should report them or not, because they are criminals, but they have done some good. Remember in Florida when they exposed those two dudes counterfeiting money under their pool?

  • Not\Grinning/Now says:

    Fuck, I’m risking my ass in so many ways, but I gotta say it.

    Back in ’15, I was working security in a casino out west. I heard my boss always talking about some important object in our vault. I never got a good look, it was kept in a separate security room in the vault. Only thing I ever saw of it was that it looked like an old wooden box.

    So, I’m hearing my boss freak over this box and telling someone on the phone they gotta move it. Eventually he figures the vault can’t be cracked. A week later, I’m looking over the cameras as usual, then all of a sudden, I’m tasting peppermint.

    Next thing I know, I’m waking up on the ground and the vault is picked clean, courtesy of the Clowns. Get this, whatever we had in that room, it was gone too.

    I admit I don’t know what this thing was, but there’s no way those ICP rejects could have known about it. There’s someone pulling the clown’s strings, someone other than that bane fucker.