Some new hardware

Some shit is about to go down!

I’ve kept myself in the shadow, dodging every little drone I could see, or chopper or what ever they’re sending at me! I mean like people talk about chemtrails. But that’s just bullshit. I mean information are key! They collect all you personal infpo to keep trak of you and monitor you. That’s the thing that’ll make sure we are controlled. Like I always wear gloves when I’m out on town, cause every where. And I mean like everywhere there’s touch sensors that register your thumb and handprint. Cause if you know where everyone are, you can make up patterns. Like as you press the STOP button on a bus, or maybe press and elevator buttons somewhere. They now where you are and can figure out your routine and where you’re go.

Don’t make it easy for them! Wear gloves! That’s like rule #1 for me. And like the drones, and not eating food from vacuum packages. Because knowing is knowledge as I said, and we must of have our privacy!

So even though all of this crap, I had to step out, being exposed, to find out more about the clowns and Mr. America and all that. Cause like now I keep gettin closer. With the corrupt image (that I’m still deciphering) and also the video where I managed to hear Garrett, and of course me FINDING THE FUCKING HQ OF THE FUCKING CLOWNS! I could go to the police with all of this. But I’m not stupid and doesn’t wanna end up in a cell somewhere in a bunkre. I’m gonna expos this my ways!

The clowns are up to something wired. I’ve seen them carry boxes in and out of their building. The guy in a wheelchair seems to involved, and I even got a glimpse of a huge minigun type of weapon that they fired like crazy?!?! How come nobody hear that noice?!! They seem like they’re preparing, and maybe should I do the same?!!?

Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

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  • Hehe I am the first? At least the other comments are being moderated. Realised my internet didn’t refresh to show this new post you have.

    Interesting developments, hope you will uncover more. As always, rest well, your health is more important.

    PS. : You really seemed very tired man, lots of typos.

  • Concerned_Citizen says:

    How didn’t they spot you yet? Anyways, these are some high class toys…
    maybe they’re somehow connected to the recent robbery.

  • bank_teller_427 says:

    you’re fucked man

  • ConspiracyMan49 says:

    Damn watch out, this is getting crazy

  • This getting hectic! Stay safe my dud!e

  • seems to me the clowns are coonected to the break in, i mean they got into the fbi offices right?

  • Wow! That’s some serious weaponry!

  • That mask is blue on top and yellow on the bottom. Maybe it’s suppose to represent a Ukrainian flag. What do you think?

  • Their hands must hurt like hell firing those guns!

  • ConcernedCitizen says:

    Be careful, SG, those clowns are packing some serious hardware. Don’t want to accidentally get turned into swiss cheese while you’re under cover.

  • Looks like this is where the gun begins…

  • Bob Roberts (Go away FBI) says:

    Stay safe out there, would hate to be shot by one of those!

  • SkepticGuy_97 says:

    Oh shit something is going to happen!

  • Dude, just buy weapons.

  • Oh man be careful! No one knows what those clowns would do to you if they spotted you 😮

  • ilikebiggunsandicannotlie says:

    HOLY SHIT that’s some heavy artilery!

  • Oh my god! Did they see you? I hope not!

  • its nice to see people that can see the truth and not get fooled by the secret organisations they have drones, satellite beams and always spying on us THEY CONTROL THE WORLD we have to get the truth out there to the people. but we might risk getting attention from the organisations or even the lizard people

  • The HQ will be empty when the clowns go do whatever they’re planning for. That’s when you can get in. Be on watch.

  • We are getting somewhere here

  • VanDarkholmeFan69 says:

    Lets face it, folks. This is a false flag operation by the DHS. They want everyone to think that the shit has gotten completely outta hands so that they can deploy their death squads.

    It’s all fun and games until the DHS death squads are running all over town, double dipping anyone to talk shit about the government.

  • DONT LOOK AT THIS!!! says:

    OH MY GOD!!! How did you not fear for your life?

  • Morty_Duck says:

    Be careful they will probebly hunt you down if they see this.


  • You are going crazy dude…

  • hobbithawk says:

    If you put like five silencers on a minigun its silent trust me that was like something Jesus said or something.

  • Superkai_64 says:

    Maybe Mr. America is making the guns with the guy in the wheelchair in their HQ??

    My head hurts.

  • Ron_Jakowski69 says:

    is that…… a minigun???????? why is that mr america guy holding it like a assault rifle???????

  • Smugsterson says:

    you’re so fucked now skepticguy_96, i don’t know how much longer you will be alive


    duude do u see the mask on the clown with the big gun?? their swedish terrorist i tell u!!! wanting to take over the government thats why they go to the feds and get big weapons!! We need to stand up n do sometin i dont want no clown government clowns r fuckin scary!!

  • This keeps getting more and more screwed up. Don’t let them see you, whatever happens.

  • The fuck? who can we trust?

  • The Watcher Crow says:

    I know you have probably heard this a thousand or so times by now SkepticGuy, but be careful around these clowns. I’ve heard stories, though they may just be rumours, about some of the things these guys and girls are capable of; and it kind gives new meaning to the phrase Clowns Are Scary.

    I guess all I am saying is, just be careful, who knows what these clowns will do to you if you get caught.

  • Kmankool3315 says:

    What are they firing at, could you see?

  • One thing is sure,

    They are going rambo style,
    loud, with heavy armor rambo style,
    we will hear soon about them.

  • The truth is out there, somewhere, someday we will find it.

  • The_AlexxGamingHD says:

    SkepticGuy_96, this is getting seious really fast man. Not only you have to pay attention for the feds, you are within a few feet from the clowns as well. Could it be that the wheelchair guy may be their weapon suplier, thus the clowns have new gear? If it’s true, you must have a look at this and maybe the guy you found online may have some answers about it.
    In the meantine , Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

  • Averysecretperson says:

    Oh my! Do you really found them?!?!?
    Don’t call police! I’m sure,that’s call to Garrett wasn’t super normal,I’m sure there is some mysterious shit! And I found some information about box in GGC,that’s falls from clown’s bag at escaping.(Good that it falls in action,sad that he takes it and I had 2 seconds for watch it.) Still,this box have 2 versions,do you know about situation with elephant? Yeah,that mysterious box was in GGC,too! OKIE DOKIE! This box have artifact in tales,but Idk. This box was followed and searched by super secret organization,but how I understand,they lose it. So,Elephant may be the guy,who found it or…Stole? I will go find some more super cool info!
    Your partner and friend,

  • Alsoaskepticguy says:

    Keep us posted! I hear a box was stolen from the FBI not too long ago by the clowns…

  • TotallyNotAClown says:

    they seem to be on something

  • looks awesome!

  • Spooky stuff, man. Dx

  • That minigun has to be military hardware. you dont just buy one of those at the Shield. if wheelchair guy gave them a minigun he has to be military. proof at last that the clowns are in bed with the govt!!! something big has to be going down. stay safe out there guys

  • SkepticGirl98 says:

    Holy crap!

  • GetTheThermalDrill48 says:

    Wow, dude, how do they even hold 2 of em? I can’t even hold 1!

  • Holy shiiiit they got some serious hardware

  • IAMTHETRUTH_00 says:

    How are these guys getting this type of hardware? I mean sure they’re into some pretty secret shenanigans but miniguns? This is nuts… proves the government is only in it for the criminals at this point since I can’t even own a pea shooter…

  • CraZyHacKER97 says:

    Man, you should’ve never been involved in this bull****. You’re gonna get yourself killed!

  • now how are these harmless party clowns getting access to such violent weaponry

  • P@r@-N0D3-B01 says:

    MANOMANOMAN! There are screens that memorize my fingerprints?!! I HAVENT BEEN WEARING GLOVES! DO THEY KNOW ME?!

  • Fuck and shit

  • SKULLD0Z3R says:

    That’s a badass looking gun, wonder where I can get one.

  • DeeDeewsky says:

    That minigun is crazy!

  • Unknown_Witness says:

    Whatever they are preparing for, there’s gonna be A LOT of blood and ammo shells.

  • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

    I would still stay hidden, SkepticGuy_96
    If these clowns are packing this much heat, and are fighting the cops, then they shouldn’t be messed with.
    Not telling the cops is good, they’ll stick all their fingers in a pie if given the opportunity.
    Keep investigating. Tell the people the truth!

  • How many clowns are there? I hear they run a crew of atleast 20 people…

  • Extend_Shlong_42 says:

    Jezuz, look at the size of that minigun- actually, it doesn’t even look that mini! whats up with these random names – what’s next, this gotta be a microgun instead now?

  • Duke of Earl says:

    I think you might need to take a chill pill. Maybe go and do some yoga or something. Even if you are right (which I doubt because you’re starting to talk crazy now) think about it: if the feds and clowns are in on this, who the hell you going to go to? Cops, Swat, FBI, the damn president: by your logic, nothing is safe, nothing can be done; so just stay out of line of fire.


  • Don’t expose them. They’ll come back for you. They always do.

  • Lezus Konrad says:

    Eyy I think you should stop. You are getting a bit too close. And how the fuck did you get that photo anyway?

  • Stay safe, these guys are well trained and normally work great together. Would love to know about some more new stuff they make so I can prepare myself for whatever is to come.

  • Be careful while your digging.
    you dig too deep and you might dig up something that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.
    caution is key you brave man.

  • Report them! What are you doing!? Do you know how much you could make for bringing these guys in???

  • Not_Lexilogo says:

    Wait, is that guy with those revolvers experiencing no recoil?! These clowns really aren’t human, are they? #ClownsBelongInSewers

    But anyway, SkepticGuy, when Mr McKendrick loses the elections (he definitely will because the deep state have already rigged them no doubt), get in contact with him!! He’s the only 𝐨𝐧𝐞 left who isn’t corrupt, I’m sure of it, and he might be able to help you!


  • You shouldn’t stay so close to people firing minigun-like weapons. One of these days you’ll get caught.

  • NONBELIEVER_35 says:

    Somebody has to kno about those clowns right?? I mean you dont just shoot guns in broad daylight! Im telling you man the governnment is in with these clowns!

  • L33T_H315T3R says:

    I bet they have more guns than the army, you wait and see!

  • I think they’re planning a big heist, you better stay near there,and maybe try to hear as much as you can!

  • Mr.Giraffe says:

    I believe the wheelchair guy provides the clowns’ weapons and armor and such. Keep up the good work man!

  • Okay, this is getting way too out of hand. Be careful, pal… your flashlight may not be enough to defend yourself against a Minigun.

  • RegularDude says:

    Cmon. This is ‘shopped. It isn’t even physically possible to fire one of those things with your bare hands.

  • Sergent Skeptic says:

    Those things are near IMPOSSIBLE to get without REALLY DEEP connections. Just who do these clowns have in their sphere of influence?

  • Bucket Crust says:

    You’re gonna get wasted, you idiot.

  • Nazrat1965 says:

    woah that’s crazy dude!
    I really need to dig into this

  • 88ingIdentitaire says:

    Jesus…well, if they’re organized enough to survive a shootout with the Feds, I don’t know what to say other than “when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Could be that they’re some kind of militia against the Feds’ use of deadly forc against them, using the masks as a publicity thing? I mean, c’mon. Wearing clown masks while doing high-stakes, crazy shit like buying miniguns and shooting feds? They HAVE to be garnering SOME attention.

    Perhaps you could spy on them for just two days; too long and you could be caught, but too short of a time and you might not find anything. But spy on them for that time, see if they scurry off to a job, and take pics of them without their masks on. If you come to them and offer to be an acquaintance, hold your phone with the images, tell them if they stab you in the back, their faces are going on Pewtube and BitChute for all to see. That’ll dissuade them from pulling anything.

    Perhaps you could benefit from their arms dealing endeavors, at the least. Use them as a connection to buy a rifle or two.

  • Pr1nc3 R1cky says:

    What the…. how did you get so close without them seeing you? You could have gotten killed, be careful man.

  • The Secret says:

    Maybe they are coming for you next.

  • Dude, you should out of it. You’re not going to survive for a second against an arsenal like that. I bet they have even bigger guns that make you wish you could have stopped yourself from getting into this mess. You should keep an eye on them, but don’t get so reckless. Like you say, stay vigilant and stay “protected.” I’ve heard these guys took out a mafia and cartel. Don’t mess with these guys. Or they will take you out too!

  • Kelli King says:

    Stop by some time, we LOVE the company 😉

  • WOLFHELPER says:

    Wow you better be carefull. If they can get a minigun, they could get to you easily. Also heard they even stole NUKES. FREAKING NUKES

  • You better be careful. If they’ve got gear like that, they’re probably preparing for something big. And if they catch you snooping around, they might not take any chances having their plans get out.

    Stay safe, amigo.