Compact Confrontation

I got words on the whereabouts of the clowns, so now I got a rendevouz with destiny. Don’t ask me how, but I mean some rumours have been circling the deep-web and I’m sure that “Mr. America” and his posse is involved in this (some have pointed them out as responsible for the shit in up north and in NY).

There’s this industrial area a bit out of town, and I know some cops have done raids and stuff and other things, cause some seem to indulge in crime and someone probably pushed the red button! Anyway, I headed out to the area, and spend a lot of time in my car, I feel like a real god damn private eye or like a one man army! But guess what!! I found the clowns!!!!1 and only took a few hours of stakeout. They came like in broad daylight, in a van, and just ran into this seemingly abandoned place. Huge brick building.

I hid in some bushes and snapped some shots. It seemed like this one guy in a weird mask looking like a statue kept talking and the other guys in even a evener rader mask and pimped out weapons were really yyy paying attention. I didn’t really hear anything, but they seemed to shout. So some kind of arguing. I didn’t see Garrett or anything like that.

It’s getting dangerous being this close to whatever is going on. But like, it’s a must. I know some of you are believers and some doubt my shit. But when the hammer of justice falls you will be judged! I promise you that! Cause don’t be a dumbass, thinking that we have like different governments and kings and presidents around the world. E V E R Y T H I N G is ruled by just a few guys. It’s all smoke and mirrors! Just connect the dots!!!

So pumped guys, I feel like Robin Hood! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

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  • bankheizter21 says:

    How’d you get that picture without getting noticed? I don’t even see question marks around them!

  • Hyped_Panda says:

    im am hyped like i have never been before

  • You have seen too much

  • CLOAK_N_SMOKE says:

    huh, I have that same blender.



  • Eddie Bingo says:

    oh snap, I know that guy in green, he robbed my gallary a couple years back, goes by the name lindenhurst or somthing

  • RIP Skeptic_Guy96


  • Fixerupper says:

    Someone get that mask some duct tape!!!

  • Shit just got real!

  • [[fluffy]] says:

    Going to a place like that is dangerous! Who knows what they would’ve done if they saw you!

  • DoctorBatch says:

    “Mr. America’s” nickname is “Dallas” btw, didn’t you hear unofficial witnesses testimonies?

  • Skeptic_Of_SkepticGuy says:

    Photo shop, you can clearly see the outlines.


      Fake account, clearly one of the clowns trying to cover up their tracks.


      Fake account, clearly an attempt to throw Skepticguy off of the clown’s trail.

  • ImJackBrentwood says:

    BE CAREFUL MAN!!! You don’t wanna piss off the CEDA masterminds or they’ll mess you up big time, give you one of those mind control viruses and make you delete your blog! Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight!

  • Wow this is getting so deep! Good luck SkepticGuy!?

  • Meh, that is just some themed private party with clown masks, stop being so paranoid.

  • emekar@beyondyesterday says:

    thank you for the information

  • TheArmyOfOne says:

    I do not think you are safe. Run! If they see you you may die. Look at those guns….

  • Hey quit snooping around or else

  • _Stoic_man_ says:

    The guy with the statue mask is a NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD

  • NotACriminalIswear says:

    Gotta say, the guy on the left has a really sick mask.

  • Handsome_Boy says:

    Something big is coming… I don’t know what it is, but I can smell it. Good job SkepticGuy

  • Matthelzor says:


  • Perhaps you should try running in and try talking to them, maybe they’ll be nice and tell you everything 🙂

  • be careful sg96 ive heard that the satue man drinks stuff a lot

    maybe its some kind of alien god juice to give him x-ray vision!1!!!

  • theTRUTHisOUTthere says:

    I knew it!! It IS a conspiracy!! It was hidden from us!!@#$@!

  • The Chromed Accountant says:

    It’s only a safe house for those on the inside man. Keep yo distance and the chilluminati won’t put you on no list cuz.

  • Secret_Hacker_Man says:

    To be fair the cop have been so many time.
    They probably won`t give shit if there is one just hanging around the windows.

  • Secret_Hacker_Man says:

    To be fair, the cops been there so many time.
    They probably won`t give a shit if they see one just hanging around the window.

  • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

    Maybe the clowns were not working with Garrett? Why were they at the FBI HQ?
    Maybe Garrett is someone these Mr.America guys go after.
    And looking at the guns, from left to right a Colt Defender, and the guy on the right has a Thompson 1928, I can’t really tell what the guy in the middle has, maybe a Desert Eagle?
    You’re doing more than the cops do, SkepticGuy_96!
    P.S They’ve got some sick masks.

  • I like the vest of the right guy, the skull looks so cool on it.

  • CoolClown_27 says:

    I think it’s getting far too dangerous for you to keep investigating this. You should really turn back around from this story, and save yourself from any possible future harm.

  • DezTheRomantic says:

    You absolute mad man, anyone wanna place bets that he is going to go missing in a week or two?

  • sorlogarcia says:

    what are they argueing about? seems like something big happened……


    Fake account, clearly one of the clowns trying to cover up their tracks.

    • Skeptic_Of_Skeptic_Of_Skeptic_SkepticGuy says:

      Obviously SkepticGuy using a second account to back himself up.

  • SKEPTICGUY,ARE YOU IN DANGER?Infinity War has been come out btw,don’t miss it

  • OMG

  • What kind of chemicals would you put on a mask to make it glow like that anyway?

  • Holy fuck man, that’s suicide sneaking a picture of the gang. How the hell did you manage to not get noticed?!

  • What if the clowns are actually fighting the deep state and are just playing 8-D chess with our minds in the process?

  • whow about using a thermal drill to break in to this building and see what these clowns are hiding???!!11

  • oofouchmybones says:

    Jesus H. Christ dude! How the hell did you get so close without getting freaking blasted in the face with a shotgun? Don’t pull crazy stunts like this again, I wanna hear more outta you


    Dude, if you keep risking so much, you might regret it.

  • ScepticGuy_96 is in way over his head

  • Jesus fuck, how’d you manage to get so close to the clowns?

  • CENSOR_1337 says:

    And it’s going deeper
    be careful SkepticGuy

  • SgtWireless says:

    Well at least the crew still have a taste for style even as the weight of the recent events continues

  • Not_Lexilogo says:

    Wait a second, is that what I think they are in the background? What the hell are some bank-robbing sewerclowns doing with 17th century Swedish masterpieces?

  • Just stay away, keep your distance, don’t tell anyone or you will die!!

  • JacksFilms says:

    Don’t just leave us in the dark!! Spill the address!!!

  • You can’t tell us about this if you end up getting yourself captured and/or killed. Also considering anyone can just waltz onto this site how do you know these clowns and the feds aren’t snooping around here as well?

    It’s like a game of chess but you’re telling your rival what move you’re gonna make before you make it.

  • TBourdon_will_reign says:

    if you managed to get that close, then they must not have really great security, not even a single camera… extremely ingenious criminals, more like clowns right?
    btw they have a pretty dope kitchen

  • Everything is connected.

  • The_truth_is_a_lie_64 says:

    oh, you don’t know who they are?
    maybe we should leave it that way?

  • Dude, you should really stay the hell away from there. Whatever’s going on, Ive got a feeling that thered be no saving you if they found you.

  • If the cops were there it would have been all over the news. There’s no way the deaths of hundreds of cops could have been swept under the rug

  • oh my, did you find the payday gang?

  • You sure its safe to get that close to the clowns? You know how serious those guys can be. and they’ll be furious if they catch wind of this

  • BreakinBenny says:

    You sure living dangerously, SkepticGuy… Are you sure they didn’t see you?

  • I’m not like how this is turning into

  • oofer_gang says:

    damn, didn’t know that place was still active. wonder what they are doing there, in that old place. don’t know why, last time i checked it was falling apart.

    no wait… i mean… uhh

  • edgymemesismydisease says:

    dude I am your biggest fan don’t risk this, ill miss you!

  • You sure that the clowns won’t be coming for you after that?

  • Nazrat1965 says:

    OK? How do the police fail to get close to the safehouse but YOU got right next to the window! Man you’re really putting in some hard work!

  • TruthFimder87 says:

    SG you’re out of your damn mind, but you’re getting results. You should probably go further, but not in broad daylight for gods sake!

  • PreachingToTheDeadMan says:

    Watch out for hobos in wheelchairs or ladies in ball dresses. You’ve dug too deep, meethinks

  • Don't act Dumb 00214 says:

    Maybe people will actually take you seriously if you used proper grammar and spelling. LOL! Seriously spell check is your friend amigo. You wanna be a professional? Because this isn’t professional.

    • The kid is way over his head on what he’s getting into. If I was making a post after being a few feet away from a guy who would kill me without hesitation I would be stuttering in my typing, too. However, he should revise his posts once he gets out of the heat, yes.

  • DOOTDAMOOP says:

    If they find this blog, you’re pretty much dead at this point.

  • Does this comment stay?

  • Those masks look sweet, I wonder how much they spend on masks alone?

  • Something is not right here.

  • CarelessWhispers says:

    You’re in over your head man, duck out of this investigation while you can, these guys are packing serious heat and probably won’t hesitate to shoot you.

  • I heard that place had a million dollar security system? Whoever’s watching those cameras must be sleeping on the job.

  • Woa hthat’s really cool and awesome dude!!11!! xD


    You ought to stay safe, skepto!

    You’re going to become another Mark Meltzer, and really bad things happened to him (I think)!

    There’s something in the Washington D.C. area, and I reckon it’s best we not know. Move on to something better, like proving that the Earth is actually a timecube.

    P.S. if you can go in deep enough to get one of those masks, hook me up at [email protected]

  • xXElite_HaxorXx says:

    Be careful man, we don’t know what kind of trouble they could cause you.

  • Superkai_64 says:

    The guy in the bow-tie looks just like my dad!

  • Strange that the left guy’s gun looks suspiciously like a croissant. Hm…

  • dontliedontcheat94 says:

    i bet its photoshopped you hack

  • MaskedClown75 says:

    You’re in way over your head.

  • thesecretismostlyreal says:

    dude i like the statue guy’s bowtie. very nice

  • Interesting

  • Gordon_Freakman says:

    Dude, don’t leave us in the dark ! tell us everything !

    and stay alive !

  • Are we safe?

  • BlackMarketFunding says:

    Pick up a souvenir while you’re there, a genuine mask from the clowns would probably sell for quite a bit.

  • TaxRefundJoe says:

    I really hope they catch them, my life insurance premium skyrocketed because of their shenanigans!

  • Good luck mate !