A letter from Garrett!

So I can’t really go into details exactly on how I gots this in my hands. Cause “they” are always listening.

I know a lot of you kinda think that drones are just harmless toy. You see some here and there, just like floating arounds. But it’s much, much more than that. Like in the 60s we had orbiting space shuttles orbiting the earth in orbit. That kept going until the 70s and 80s and the stealth planes (oh yeah we’ve had that longer than they’ve said!!) and then silent helicopters and now drones! They’re primary purpose is to capture, record and store everything they can get their hand on. We are ALL RECORDED!!!

Sometimes you see these drones, other times they hide in the darkness. All the sound from the city is covering their buzzing sounds. But I’ve trained my ears to really hear it any way! So moving around town isn’t super easy. And they guy who sent me this clip with Garrett and the clown wanted to personally hand me this. He got me this flash drive, and I’ve scanned it’s content for you. According to my guy it comes directly from the FBI sewers, straight from Garrett!! I know it’s like all corrupt and shit. Built the firewalls went ballistic according to this guy, and this was what he managed to get.

I’m spending fuckiong hours deciphering it, analyzing everything aboyt it. Cause this is probably something big. See the triangle at the bottom.? I know I’ve seen that shit somewhere else!! I will get back to you with more info. But it looks old and it’s probably important if the FBI has it. This shit keeps getting more and more realer.

As a truth seeker and believer I’ve been at this for many, many years now. But now…let’s see where it goes. Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

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  • nice job


  • Maybe this triangle have something in common with occultist?

  • Meh, that triangle looks like my local pizzeria’s logo, that is an advertising booklet of some kind.

  • Salieri's Neighbor says:

    Is that a fleur-de-lis? Isn’t that connected to that one bank that got robbed where they had this secret super vault in it? Was Garret involved in that?

  • TrueBeliverUSA says:

    This is some real secret society stuff… You’ve got keep us posted on this even better than ever!

  • This is getting interesting my duds.

  • I have seen better fake pics.

    • la le lu le lo says:

      oh man this is so Photoshoped like come on, look at it he didn’t even write the entire paper just added a filter to cover up most of it.

  • Not_Lexilogo says:

    That triangle looks like a drone too… I’m gonna get another three false passports real quick before this gets bad

  • SKEPTICGUY_69 says:


  • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

    Do you think your contact intentionally corrupted parts of the image?

    • Pyr0tr41nth1ng says:

      I’m saying this because part of me think the FBI would have a hard time putting a firewall in a letter. Maybe if they had sabotaged your dude’s camera or scanner, but not a letter.

      • Not Skepticguy_96 says:

        The letter might have been scanned into their system. This would mean that that file could have been corrupted.

  • NightMuffin says:

    Damn illumiati! There taking our jobs!

  • Lieslies97 says:

    That crest, it seems to be some ancient crap.
    You gotta be careful about that, you don’t really know who does it belong to…
    Stay safe my dude

  • I went to a diamond store last week, and I saw the exact same Fleur de Lys on the floor. Is there any link between this letter and a diamond store? There must be some conspiracy behind all this

  • I wonder if it’s linked to Baldwin??

  • I’ve seen this somewhere before…

  • P1SS TR41N SN1P3R says:

    Dude awesome job! Lets see where this train goes!

  • That triangle that came with this Fludd of information… I bet you’ll need to look Hyle and low to figure out what it means.

  • do you have any idea how we could try fixing the corruptions?

  • This is the text as far as I can translate: unintelligible power of halo—–ment must never be set loose upon mank-(ind?) as the of a tale/tole/fate unintelligible for a couple of words must not unintelligible carry, but unintelligible

    Rest I cannot decipher. Any of you got any ideas what the rest could mean?

  • R4ND0MK3nNy says:

    You can be my disciple, I will show you de way

  • Oh, hey, I recognize that letter…

  • Sam Pepper says:


  • Is there any way to colour correct the image or something? Find out what we can’t see?

  • 88ingIdentitaire says:

    Ooohhhh a happening’s happening, isn’t it. I’m not sure what to think but it looks like we’ll be seeing much more worrisome stuff later.

    Whatever’s going on with the drones in your area, I can relate. Drones are both the rich kids’ favorite toy and a techie (or Fed)’s favorite tool of surveillance. Never trust them. Do whatever you can to avoid them or do nothing personal while they’re in your vicinity.

    Preserve your anonymity in any way you can, SKEPTICGUY_96. I will do the same. In the meantime, continue as planned with any and all leaks you can. I await with baited breath as we all work to uncover this mystery. Whatever this thing that “must never be set looes upon mankind” is, it’s going to be damning for those it is directed at. The sooner we put a stop to this caper, the sooner we may find a way to counter or destroy this item and whoever may try to harness it to control humanity.

  • I can only make out a small part of it, but what I can doesn’t sound good.

    “(Unreadable) power of (can’t read the handwriting)ament must never be set loose upon mankind” and it looks like “never” is underlined.

    This sounds like something seriously bad. Stay frosty.

  • Nice !

  • “All the sound from the city”

    You think the Clanker Men are in on it, too?

  • I mean, some of you guys didn’t search too far. If you go in the FBI Files, in the “Internal Memos” there’s a message with the name of “Those scans you requested.” The two papers are unencrypted and you can read the whole message.

  • Can’t make out too much, but what I can make out is:

    ___ __________ power of Baldwin’ lament must never be set loose upon mankind as the tool of a sole _____ ___ (its) existence must not ___ knowledge. it is _________ carry but _________ progeny _____ history of the