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We’re not done with the PAYDAY Tournament just yet. Not by far. We have plenty of cash to hand out and we’re looking forward to meet new teams, new world records and new heists. So keep an eye out for the next tournament.

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Infogamer Reboot - 2016
8 - 13 November

Zagreb had some pretty dedicated fans! And we loved meeting them at Reboot Infogamer. With the new map and rules in play this was the second time we let eager heisters take a swing at the new and revamped tournament! A total of six (!) days of competing and $60.000 in the prize pool. We saw plenty of teams and a lot of winners - but maybe most impressive: a new world record!

Twitch Con, San Diego - 2016
30 Sep - Oct 2

For the first time we brought the tournament outside of DreamHack – with new rules, tournament map and much more prizes. And we all had a blast at TwitchCon! We had more winners than before and met amazing fans and streamers.

Dreamhack Jönköping - 2016
18 - 21 June

Nothing beats the original DreamHack in its home town. We had an amazing time and we handed out hundreds upon hundreds of masks (they were popular as hell). For those of you who followed our stream, already knows that a new World Record was set – by Endless Gaming. Their dedication and tenacity was amazing. Overall, the whole DreamHack experience was superb and we hope to come back soon again.

Dreamhack Austin - 2016
6 - 8th May

Austin was a blast. And to be part of the very first North American DreamHack 2016 event was amazing. We get to meet fans and players and we also got to witness the former record being broken. We were impressed by how fast Slaughterhouse actually could be completed - and every day the record got trimmed by a few seconds.

DreamHack is, as per usual, fun and rewarding. A lot games were played and DreamHack did what it does best: bringing gamers together. So we hope to be returning there soon again!

Dreamhack Leipzig - 2016
22 - 24 Jan

In the beginning of 2016 we came to Germany as we left Sweden to seek even, better, faster and more deadly heist crews. But we failed. No crew at Leipzig had what it takes. Slaughterhouse isn’t for everybody, especially not on Death Wish. Cause you don’t only have to be the best, but actually finish the heist, and fast. So instead we took our $3000 and went home again.

Even though nobody won, we love to watch people struggle.

Keep it up Germany!

Dreamhack Jönköping - 2015
26 - 29 Nov

Just a few weeks before X-mas OVERKILL came to Jönköping for the very first PAYDAY Tournament. A lot of crews stepped up to the task, but only one crew won. Team Solkräm Mid took home the win and became the very first crew ever to be crowned PAYDAY Tournament Winners. They also won $750!

The turnout at Jönköping was amazing, we met a lot of dedicated heisters, and had a blast at our booth where people could say “hi” to Almir and Sadir who more or less threw swag at people. We also made sure that everybody got fed at our Taco Buffet! 100 people got to gobble down delicious tex-mex food - including OVERKILL devs.


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