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A violent visit at the FBI

If you’re on more or less every Most Wanted List in the world - it’s probably best to stay out of the hornet’s nest. But as Hoxton seeks revenge, nothing can stop him.

As we’ve updated the PAYDAY Tournament, we’re introducing the new tournament map: Day 2 of the Hoxton Breakout. The new tournament map can be accessed by everyone That has a copy of PAYDAY 2 and is a standalone version of the old Hoxton Breakout heist.

But just as the old tournament map, it’s beyond Death Wish. Enemies have even more health and you’ll really have to struggle to finish it. So start training and don’t miss those headshots.

How to Participate

You and a complete crew of 4 heisters will have to be physically present and come meet us at our booth to sign up for a time slot during the day. All crew members must be 18 or above and we’ll need phone numbers and e-mails to be able to contact you.

When your time slot comes up, you just have to sit down, and start shooting and drilling.

Good luck!


Prizes are handed out to the six fastest teams of every day of the tournament.

First Place: USD$7000
Second Place: USD$2000
Third Place: USD$1000
There will be awesome prizes for 4th - 6th place.


Winning Each day, the six fastests teams are awarded prizes - ranging from cash to awesome stuff.
Attempts Each team gets three attempts at the tournament heist, and have one hour to complete those three attempts. They do not have to use all three attempts. If time runs out, the game is shut down - no matter how close to finish the team is.
Map The tournament is played on a special standalone version of Day 2 of the Hoxton Revenge Heist.
Penalties Each time a player is downed, a 4 second penalty is added. If the heist is finished with players in custody, each player in custody result in a 15 second penalty.
Gear Each team will be competing using the provided gear, and cannot bring own equipment. Controllers are acceptable and available.

For any questions you may have in regards to the rules, please consult the PAYDAY 2 Community page below:

PAYDAY 2 Tournament - FAQ


Learn about the tournament, how to participate and the rules

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