Welcome to this site.

When the truth calls, one must answer, even if the deep-state is probably recording, extracting and cataloguing everything I do online. The tentacles of the government goes deeper than I ever imagined, and the rotten core of Washington needs to be exposed. Everything from something as insignificant as potholes might seem like a small thing, but everything is corruption. Everything is money changing hands and whoever rules everything from sugar content in soda, which supplier of asphalt to use and the question why black painted helicopters hovers over certain houses at night.

One of my sources has promised me to get back to me soon with “something new like you’ve never seen before”. Hopefully it can help me in my search for the government’s secret!

So I’m just gonna wait, and until then…I hope you’ll do the same.

Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected! And remember: there is a secret out there, and it is really real!

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