Just waiting…

So during the weekend my gyu reached out and promise me that he had “some really interesting and revealing sith.”

I’ve spent all saturday and sunday just waiting for monday to come, cause he cold not get access to a secure sever apparently. Hopefully this can shed some light on the stuff that went down in Brooklyn were the robbers seemed to not just be looking for monet and I also fund some articles talking about a weird “incident” in Alaskan. But as I had to wait for my guy to get back to me.

I spend my weekend reading up and reaching out the preppers. Cause think about it? If the government provides us with electricity and stuff, they can also take it from away. Just like that!! So you’re a sucker if you’re not prepping in some way.

I’m not really building a shelter, but I buyed like a ton of cans and some water now and also this brand new flash light. Cause when the world goes dark, you gotta have some kind light or you’ll be dead with in the hour. I promise you that! But like IF my flashlight busts, I also managed to get my hands on (and don’t ask me too get you one) some true, badass, real army hi-tech night vision goggles!

Let the end come! I’M READY!!!!!!!1!! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

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