Lead on the Clowns

I just head about an clown sighting out in a old industrial area awhile back. They were banding some pimped out guns – not like regular street thug hardware. All of them in masks I haven’t seen on those typical newspaper photos before. I will have to dig deeper here and get back too you tomorrow.

I’ll head out tomorrow after work and see it I can dig up some clues. Uncovering the truth is a heavy job to do on the side but you know what they say… someone got to do it!

I am starting a collection of leads intro this clown case. Me and my source has satred collecting police reports related to Mr. America and his gruop. I’ll set up a secure channel for anyone how wants to partake in this important work.

Send your police report here

Remeber to Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

EDIT: Added likn to the secure channel!!

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  • I want to believe.

  • I thought I heard their names once, something like Laredo or San Antonio or something

  • R4ND0MK3nNy says:

    Whoever is selling masks must be making a fortune! Count me in!

  • Meredith K. Pseudonym says:

    plz tel me how to join gorup i need t find the rtuth as well!!!

  • Heavy Swat says:

    This is a colossal goatfuck!

  • Salieri's Neighbor says:

    Invite me to that secure channel I have great ideas that will really bust this wide open

  • TotallyNotHoxton says:

    This is such a bunch of fake news.


    These clowns must be really up to something….

  • TheoneWHOKn0CKs says:

    all these custom masks are crazy, i mean if you have enough money for military grade hardware why hide your face

    • They don’t looking for trouble, they are professionals.

    • ClownHunter88 says:

      Because if they die, they can just pass on the mask, creating the illusion that they’re immortal. The guy in the America masks has probably been at least three different people by now.

  • StillNotImportant says:

    Interesting, keep us updated.

  • Variousnumb3r says:

    How many clowns does it take to change a lightbulb. Just the one, not including the 2000+ swat he killed to steal it!

  • FlubberNucker says:

    if this goes any deeper, it might break through to china at some point!

  • Mr_Cool_Dude_29 says:

    Guns? How could guns be related? I thought they were using criminals as tools not mercs. This changes how I feel

  • >Stay Vigilant and stay Protected

  • you shouldnt risk that. Say those are really the clowns then you are buggered. They gonna fuck you with a firestick

  • Everett The White Spider says:


  • Doesn'tSeemLegit says:

    I’ve trouble believing if the comments are real, also are those spelling mistakes intentional

  • Not_Lexilogo says:

    SkepticGuy, if there’s any justice in this world, they’ll build statues of you when the people overthrow the NWO globalist tyrants! Mayor Nancy’s “Payday crew”, with their dumb masks (I mean, one of them isn’t even a clown! His mask is just half-white, half red! These illuminati enforcers are so lazy) and probably cheap, foreign guns (real street thugs BUY AMERICAN) are gonna be thrown in jail before we know it! #ClownsBelongInSewers

  • OllyTheFoxcoon says:

    i’ve seen their masks!!!
    would it be wrong to say thry look really cool??? =O

    • I think there’s no problem with that, those masks are really cool.

    • Psychotic_Angel says:

      Yeah, but that one custom made ball-gag one was a bit strange, especially when they into the local jewelry store during my coffee break… Have to say, I didn’t think they would just break in for some stupid tiara… I mean, they left most of the good stuff up front! :/


  • Matthelzor says:


  • This is nice

  • C’mon dude it’s quite obvious that these suits with clown masks are obviously the PAYDAY gang. They’re the whole reason Garret is in DC after all though I imagine a guy like you doesn’t read the news so I’m not surprised you don’t know.

  • medic bag owo says:

    this is some next level shit woah

  • Calling it now, this site is ran by the civie from Big Bank. Either that, or some relative of him

  • I feel you’re in over your head on this one.

    But you’ve already gone this far, so might as well keep diving, right?

  • R4ND0MK3nNy says:

    Yo SG96 What shape is the earth? asking for a friend.

  • MurrmorMeerkat says:

    Im still curious about this man in the chicken mask how did he get with them who is he and do you think hes related to the miami murders?? also what if the payday gang is just part of the government and its aliens in charge of gensec ….think about it

    • ClownHunter88 says:

      Those miami murders were in the ’80s, dude. The guy who did them is probably dead by now. If anything, the chicken-man is somebody emulating him.

  • xXREALgamer3Xx says:

    Skepticguy_96, you still believe in pizza?


    The Payday gang is a Hoax to funnel funds into the police department, through government support and selling their masks. Your ‘friend’ is lying to you. If you just opened your eyes and did some research, you would see the truth. You can buy their masks on the Internet. They even glow!

    • ClownHunter88 says:

      No, those are the wrong ones–they look nothing like the ones in the pictures. I bought two at a mall once, then got a good look at them–they were extremely inaccurate. I threw them in the trash.

  • BreakinBenny says:

    The cops and American masked guy don’t look like they’d be working together.

  • oofer_gang says:

    this gonna be somethin’

    fbi gonna be breaking down doors any minute now….

  • You know they are coming for you don’t you?

  • CAR_Is_My_Familly says:

    Could they be recycled criminals, turned into some back-ops super agents. You mentionned they could work with Garett. You mentionned they carry some very different firearms than regular gangsters. They’re not simply gangsters, they’re something bigger.

  • Alexis Drones says:


  • You’re probably just reading into it too much.

  • Aust1n_Jok3r says:

    Uh… Idk if it’s worth looking more into that, I mean it could just be a copycat group or just some people wearing masks. Masks aren’t exactly rare you know. Besides, if it really was them getting too close could put you in danger.
    I think it’s best to just let someone else handle them.

  • WaifuMaterial says:

    This is FAKE NEWS. SAD!

  • ItWasAliens says:

    The conspiracy thickens!

  • You should just give up this search, there’s no secret you kek. Fo Sho!

  • How do we know they’re all connected? They might have a lot of imitators in the mix, hence all the unrecognized masks.

  • Stay safe!

  • TBourdon_will_reign says:

    I heard many people say “who are these american gang guys??!! Ex-military??” but actually, that would explain how they can easily access to new and dangerous weapons, thanks to an old contact or somethimg…
    I think im onto something

  • Maybe we’re all overthinking it… Clearly this “Payday Gang” is something different than what we all thought.

  • The truth is waiting for us…. Only time will tell (and SG96 of course)

  • This is pure epic

  • We need to find out who is selling all these drills. The police find so many at crime scenes… if it’s the same group, how are they buying them all?

  • I’ve been having a dream where there is a guy yelling at me through radio, talking about how i should get some thermal drills. Is my dream realated to this?! Am i in trouble?!?

  • Dr Weardno says:

    Sounds like you might really be on to something here. I’d say it’s worth checking out the designs on those guns, maybe you can figure out where they came from!

    • Don’t go chasing rabbits.
      The clowns are merely teenagers pranking the public. There is no correlation between clowns and crime. Delete your comment immediately.

  • Mr_America52 says:

    This rabbit hole goes deeper than you could probably handle. There’s still time to turn back.

  • this could be a prank you know?

  • But what can we believe??

  • I cant believe I’ve read through all of this.

  • Its the guy in the chair obviously he is the mastermind dont believe1!1!1!1

  • Sgt. Marzetti says:

    i want a lead on these clowns now! I don’t care how long it takes garrison to find them and we need winters to find them too!
    oh and one more thing, keep bain away from the Payday Gang!!


    Maybe they’re some sort of squad of undercover Capital Intelligence Agency agents, doing illegal stuff for them while posing as a band of reckless criminals? The reason why they’re in the FBI HQ is to make sure that their precious mind-controlling agency stays in the dark!

  • MARTINPOP2319 says:

    thakns for sharing the truth friend!!!! Good luck out htere!

  • MARTINPOP2319 says:

    good luck friend!!!! stay safe out there…

  • fuck these clowns, dog. real gangstas use street hardware, not that fancy shit

  • DontBelieveTheirLies99 says:

    Where do these clowns get those guns? Must be a very good dealer.


  • That fucking Goosebumps kid says:

    I don’t want food, I want answers!

  • InspireAced says:

    Nah, the real connection? Clowns and Medic Bags

  • We are not longer safe… Maybe we have to take our money from bank and invest into cryptocurrency? I hope that they will not hack it :/

  • Truth_is_a_lie87 says:

    What if these guys are actually good guys and the police and FBI are actually aliens from the future trying to steal our cheese toast?

  • Mercy-Is-Weakness. Have none says:

    Whilst you’re wasting your time looking for Clowns, I’m going to visit an old acquaintance and bring him home.

  • Trust no one.

  • Woah you must be really tired, lots of typos 😀

    Seriously rest well, health is more important.