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I just head about an clown sighting out in a old industrial area awhile back. They were banding some pimped out guns – not like regular street thug hardware. All of them in masks I haven’t seen on those typical newspaper photos before. I will have to dig deeper here... View Post

I’m still in some kind of goddamn shock after this! My guy really pulled through. So what’s the connection between the clowns and Garrett?! Are they moles maybe? Yeah, I man, as you know, this isn’t the first time that the government has used criminals to do their dirty work.... View Post

Time for my live-feed. Cause my sources is about to send me this “something” he’s been taking about. Hope this goes somewhere, but I have to say he done did good so far.

So during the weekend my gyu reached out and promise me that he had “some really interesting and revealing sith.” I’ve spent all saturday and sunday just waiting for monday to come, cause he cold not get access to a secure sever apparently. Hopefully this can shed some light on... View Post

Welcome to this site. When the truth calls, one must answer, even if the deep-state is probably recording, extracting and cataloguing everything I do online. The tentacles of the government goes deeper than I ever imagined, and the rotten core of Washington needs to be exposed. Everything from something as... View Post